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Visto makes sponsoring tech talent easy so you can grow your company without stressing over immigration

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Looking to hire foreign software engineers?

For Tech Talent

Looking for tech jobs in Canada?

Diverse Tech Talent

Make the world your oyster – by hiring experienced and passionate tech talent from outside Canada, you’ll avoid competing with domestic companies and drastically increase the diversity of your workforce.


Hire from anywhere in the world, offer relocation to Canada as a perk, or filter through our database of tech workers that would love to work in your Canadian office!

Sponsorship as a Service

The Visto platform streamlines the entire immigration process for you and your team. Goodbye to long email chains, repetitive tasks and poor document management.
Your entire immigration process now happens in 1 place – with step-by-step instructions, information and document storage, application tracking and updates at every step of the way!

HR Management

Your Human Resources team shouldn’t be spending hours on immigration or talent mobility issues.


With Visto, everything is in 1 place – immigration data and documents, notifications for work permit approvals and expirations, government compliance tracking and much more.

Why hire foreign talent?

It’s never been more competitive and expensive to hire developers in Canada.

Visto makes it easy to tap into the numerous benefits of hiring foreign talent, including:


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