Automating Canadian immigration with AI

Prepare immigration applications faster than ever before.

Simplify your file preparation with
our advanced automation and AI technology.

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Solutions made for you, built by immigration lawyers

The Visto propriety immigration software and AI streamlines your application preparation, so you’re not wasting time on manual tasks.

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Visto Copilot - your AI assistant

Imagine if ChatGPT and IRCC had a baby – that’s Visto Copilot.

An AI chatbot trained exclusively on IRCC info that can help you research, draft and communicate faster than ever before.

Ask the Visto Copilot any question about Canadian immigration for instant responses to help you or your firm work faster.

1-click PDF merge/compress/rename

Never prepare another checklist for a client again! The Visto platform automatically creates a custom list of documents and tasks for your clients based on their age, country of residence, citizenship, family members and more.


Once the documents are uploaded, you can auto-merge, compress and rename each one with a single click!

Auto-fill government forms

Instead of sending Word docs, Typeforms or PDFs to clients and copy/pasting their responses, the Visto platform auto-generates and fills every single PDF required by IRCC for all temporary applications (IMM 1294, IMM 1295, IMM 5257, Family Information, Use of Rep, Schedule 1, Custodianship Declaration and more!)

Build your own custom applications

With Visto, you can build and customize your own application for any situation.


Pick and choose which IRCC forms (PDFs) you want auto-filled, create custom supporting document checklists and more.


You can also apply rules to each item (eg. only assign certain documents if a client is above or below a certain age, or located in a particular country)!

Generate documents in seconds with AI

Instead of spending hours drafting retainers or cover letters for your clients, you can auto-draft custom documents in seconds using Copilot – our immigration AI that generates these documents with the click of a button that you can review, edit and update to your liking.

Manage the entire lifecycle

Keep your firm more organized with all applications in one place, automated notifications and reminders, 1-click status updates, comment back-and-forth directly on documents, and much more.

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Built by immigration professionals, for immigration professionals

Designed by Canadian immigration lawyer, Josh Schachnow

All of Visto’s immigration software was designed and built by Canadian immigration lawyers. Our CEO, Josh, is an immigration lawyer in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario, and he knows the pains that immigration professionals go through when trying to prepare and manage immigration files without the right automation and technology.

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Key features

Visto's immigration software does a lot more than just manage your documents.

Focus on what you were trained to do

Immigration professionals shouldn’t be doing glorified admin work. Visto has automated all of the repeatable tasks so you can focus on providing real value to your clients – or finding more of them.

Grow faster

We all know that time = money. If you or your team are spending too much time on repeatable tasks, that’s time that could be used getting more business, servicing clients better, or just relaxing and recharging!

Save time

No more spending time sending emails, copy/pasting onto forms, answering the same questions over and over again, or struggling to manage and store PDFs effectively. 

Keep your data secure

Visto uses industry standard storage and security for all of your files and information, and an encrypted database inside Canada to ensure no one ever gets access to your clients personal data.

Message your client in-app

No more long email chains, phone calls, Whatsapp messages, or trying to find which platform your client sent you that pesky PDF. Message your client in the Visto app, or start comment threads directly on a specific document or task so everything stays organized and on-track.

Stay in control of all of your applications

With Visto, you can track all of your applications in one view, see the progress they’ve made, update their information on the fly and move files forward quicker and easier than ever before.

Auto-generate custom documents

Instead of spending hours drafting cover letters and Study Plans for your client, you can auto-draft them in seconds using VistoBot, our immigration AI technology.

2FA/MFA Security

Keep your account secure with multi-factor authentication (also known as two-factor authentication)

Translation (Localization)

Visto supports many languages. You (or your clients) can translate the entire Visto app with just a click of the button.

Corporate Clients

Work with your corporate clients to complete LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) applications

IRCC Form Monitor

Want to know when an IRCC form changes or gets updated? Get notified instantly when IRCC forms are updated with Visto IRCC form monitor!

Task Reminders

Visto will send your client automated email reminders if they have pending tasks that they have not completed yet.

Leads Assessment Intake Form

Display an assessment intake form on your own website to gather information about prospects, hooked up with your Visto account.

Our user's success stories

Listen to what our actual users have to say about the Visto platform.

How it works

We won't lie, it's pretty simple and it will save you (and your firm) time + money.

Step 1

Invite your client to Visto

Invite your client from your Visto dashboard. They will receive an email with an invitation to create their Visto account that is linked to yours. This will kick off their application.

Step 2

Client completes their tasks

Once your client signs up, they will be prompted to start their application right away. They will begin with a simple on-boarding where we gather important details and automatically generate tasks tailored to your client (based on age, family members, country, etc.). Your client can then complete their tasks as their own pace.

Step 3

Review and prepare their application

Once they complete their tasks, you’ll get a notification that it’s time to review their documents and info. You can see and edit everything your client has provided, including personal information, supporting documentation and anything else you’ll need. When you’ve reviewed and updated their file, you can generate all of their IRCC forms in 1 click then send them for e-signing too!

Step 4

Submit the application

With the IRCC forms and supporting documents ready, you can 1-click download their entire file and submit it on the IRCC portal.

Step 5

Manage the rest

Once the application is submitted, you can manage the rest of the process easily. With just a click, or dragging and dropping IRCC PDFs, you can send biometrics or visa request letters with instructions already included, notify clients of a decision and congratulate them on their approval!