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Canadian immigration, simplified

Join the free platform that helps international students and skilled workers immigrate to Canada!

Clear information, step-by-step

The immigration journey is a long one, and there’s so much confusing information on the internet. The free Visto Portal will help you understand the basics of Canadian immigration – all in one place.

1 place, 65+ immigration programs

Our new tool, Visto Qualify, is the first Canadian immigration calculator that will check your eligibility for more than 65 Canadian immigration programs in one place – including Express Entry, work permit, all PNPs, AIPP and more!

More Than a Firm or Consultancy

While Visto is built by Canadian immigration lawyers, we’re not a law firm or consultancy. Instead, our free portal guides you through the basics of the process, and Visto Qualify will point you in the right direction in minutes!

Only pay for what you need

We wanted to create a reliable, affordable immigration solution and the Visto portal will teach you the basics for free. And if you need even more guidance, like from our advanced tools or talking to a lawyer, you only pay for what you need.

Save time

Researching the Canadian immigration website, forums, youtube or other places on the internet can feel like a full-time job. Instead, get all the information you need or access to reliable professionals who can help – all in one place.

More info, less hassle

Because everyone likes to consume content differently, the Visto portal will guide you through the different immigration programs in text and video form, making it easy to learn in whichever format you prefer.

Join the free platform that helps international students and skilled workers immigrate to Canada!


  • I recently received my Canadian permanent residency and could not have done it without the help of the team at Visto. It was a smooth process and I’m happy to be living here with my husband and newborn!

    Carli E.

  • It was a pleasure working with Josh from Visto, he made the immigration process so smooth and swift along with a personal touch. I am now living in Toronto with my family and couldn’t be happier

    Sharad S.

  • I was able to relocate to Canada and am now working in a tech role thanks to working with the team at Visto. I am happy to now call Canada home and hope others can as well!

    Dheeraj B.

  • I have worked with the team at Visto for some time now and couldn’t be happier with my experience. I am now living/working in Canada and was able to navigate Canadian immigration without the added stress of having to do it alone, which can be very daunting. I highly recommend it!

    Leonardo L.

  • I’m so glad I was connected with the team at Visto. During my Canadian Express Entry application, I understood all the program details and found the guidance that I needed for a successful application. I am glad that I chose them and I hope to continue to work with the team in the future as I’ve started my new life in Canada!

    Maira M.

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Join the free platform that helps international students and skilled workers immigrate to Canada!