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The easy way to prepare and submit your study permit

Visto makes it easy to prepare and file your Canadian study permit application all by yourself.

Solutions made for you, built by immigration lawyers

The Visto platform and propriety algorithm guides you through the entire process of preparing and submitting your application to Immigration Canada.

Custom document checklists

Understanding the correct documents for your application can be confusing, especially on the Immigration Canada (IRCC) website.

Auto-generate government forms

Visto auto-generates every single form required by IRCC for the study permit application. This means you don’t have to go find the right forms or fill them out.


All you have to do is complete one intake form on our platform, and every required form gets generated and filled out quickly and accurately.

Manage the entire process

Visto makes it easy for you to track and manage the entire study permit process in one place. Save documents, track important dates, access our knowledge base and more!

Generate a Study Plan in seconds

Writing your Study Plan can be one of the most difficult parts of preparing your application. With Visto, you can auto-draft a custom Study Plan in seconds using VistoBot – our AI that generates Study Plans with the click of a button that you can review, edit and update to your liking.

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$199 CAD per application

Built by immigration lawyers, for international students

Designed by Canadian immigration lawyer, Josh Schachnow

All of Visto’s immigration technology was designed and built by Canadian immigration lawyers. Our CEO, Josh, is an immigration lawyer in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario, so you can get the accuracy of a lawyer, without having to pay the hefty fees!

Key features overview

Visto does a lot more than just manage your documents.

Manage your own application

With Visto’s proprietary software, you can manage and control the entire process of preparing a study permit application all by yourself.

Save money

Prepare an awesome application on your own for a fraction of the price.

Work at your own pace

No need to figure out the Immigration Canada website or browse forums – the Visto platform guides you through the entire process at your own pace.

Keep your data secure

Visto uses industry standard storage and security for all of your files and information, and an encrypted database to ensure no one ever gets access to your personal data.