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Moving to a new country can be confusing, stressful and difficult. Coming to Canada on a study permit is a great option, but can be difficult to navigate on your own – which is why Visto Study is here to help you every step of the way!

Guidance on picking the right colleges and universities

There are thousands of colleges and universities in Canada. Our international student recruitment specialist, Junaid, will have a quick discussion with you and give you suggestions and tips (for free!) so you can pick the programs to consider and apply to.

Personal, reliable service

There are a lot of service providers around the world, some of which provide unreliable or shady services. Visto is built by Canadian immigration lawyers, and all of our service providers are trusted, experienced professionals working in Canada to give you the best help possible.

Ready to start your journey to Canada?

Here’s how it works:

Ready to start your journey to Canada?

Here’s who you’ll be working with:

junaid maqbool

International Student Recruitment Expert

Junaid Maqbool

Junaid is a passionate and innovative education sector professional with 8+ years of experience in managing international student recruitment, student employability/experiential learning and engagement initiatives, events, and relationship and partnership development. His focus is to help as many people as possible find the perfect Canadian university or college.

Junaid will be your main point of contact as you pick the best schools to apply to, and can submit your applications to Canadian colleges and universities on your behalf as well!

    Immigration lawyer, CEO

    Josh Schachnow

    Josh Schachnow is a Toronto-based immigration lawyer. After spending 3+ years growing his own practice and helping over 30 companies and 100 people with Canadian immigration, he realized there were some big problems – people who wanted to move to Canada had a very difficult, confusing, stressful and expensive time navigating the journey.

    It was then that he decided to solve that problem by starting Visto, a free platform that helps international students and skilled workers navigate the different Canadian immigration programs. All of the legal content on the platform is produced by Josh so you’ll be in good hands!

      Ready to start your journey to Canada?