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If you’re serious about living in Canada, many of the different immigration programs are difficult to qualify for. The study permit is a great option to get your foot in the door and make your way towards permanent residence – and eventually citizenship – in Canada.


Visto has been building Canadian immigration tech for years, and Visto Study makes navigating the study permit process easier than ever. Take control of the process and move at your own pace with our automated solution built by Canadian immigration lawyers.

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Navigating the study permit process can be difficult – from language exams, to picking the right schools and preparing your study permit application. If you need additional help, Visto Study makes it easy to book time with vetted, reliable professionals to help you along the way.

Ready to start your journey to Canada?

Here’s how it works:

Ready to start your journey to Canada?

Here’s who you’ll be working with:

Jamie Bencze

Language exam and school selection

Jamie Bencze

Jamie is a highly skilled teacher based out of Toronto, Canada, with a passion for helping students. As a full-time teacher with a Masters degree in Teaching, Jamie has a wealth of experience working with English language students of all ages. As a certified Guidance Counselor, Jamie can help find the right program for your Canadian studies. Using the most up-to-date learning strategies, Jamie provides a personal approach that fits your needs to help you find the right school and perform at your best!

In his current role with Visto, Jamie can find the best programs for your needs as well as working 1-on-1 with you to give you the best chance at achieving the English language exam score that you’ll need.

    Immigration lawyer, CEO

    Josh Schachnow

    Josh Schachnow is a Toronto-based immigration lawyer. After spending 3+ years growing his own practice and helping over 30 companies and 100 people with Canadian immigration, he realized there were some big problems – people who wanted to move to Canada had a very difficult, confusing, stressful and expensive time navigating the journey.

    It was then that he decided to solve that problem by starting Visto, a free platform that helps international students and skilled workers navigate the different Canadian immigration programs. All of the legal content and technology on the platform is produced by Josh so you’ll be in good hands!

      Ready to start your journey to Canada?